Release Notes

Latest updates from our product team

2024-04-02 Beta Release


  • Frontend Efficiency: Reduced the page-weight for faster loading times.
  • Logging Optimization: Enhanced configuration for better monitoring and alerting.
  • Security Enhancements
  • Audit Logging: Introduced a global audit log for better activity tracking.
  • Compliance Measures: Addressed IAM user access key policy.
  • Escrow Enhancements: Added mandatory confirmation for fund release requests and improved transaction visibility.
  • Business Approval Process: Streamlined the process for new business information approval and editing payments.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements: Various other enhancements including sorting, refactoring withdrawal process, and supporting cancellation in transaction state machine.


  • Fixed UI Glitches.
  • Correction of a file upload error.
  • Payment Method Change Error.

2024-03-19 Beta Release

Task Completed:

  • Frontend Optimization: Shifted to using axios params for cleaner frontend code.
  • Security Updates: Checked and updated certificates expiring in March 2024
  • Infrastructure Security: Applied patches and updates to bastion hosts as part of our ongoing security improvements.

New Features:

  • User Experience Enhancements:
    • Added tooltips for better navigation UX.
    • Updated the handling of uploaded files to retain original filenames.
    • Enhanced the data update mechanism across the user interface for real-time accuracy.
    • Transitioned to using native Link elements for a more intuitive user experience.
    • Enhanced the search and selection process for businesses with additional country information and better visibility.
  • Payment and Escrow Improvements:
    • Implemented restrictions on payment requests between existing restricted businesses.
    • Adjusted visibility and functionality related to pending invitations and transaction statuses.
    • Addressed issues with escrow funding denials to ensure proper status updates.
  • Onboarding and Transactions: Launched new transactional emails and trigger events to streamline onboarding and transaction processes.


  • Addressed a variety of issues affecting file downloads, display of payment transactions, and the accuracy of information in payment requests.
  • Fixed bugs related to visibility and functionality of vendor information, KYB passcodes, and escrow fund denials.
  • Corrected issues with file uploads, request payments functionality, and UI glitches related to fast navigation and pre-filled fields.

2024-02-20 Alpha Release

New Features:

  • Links to support center
  • Liquid Admin-side UX enhancements - including payment troubleshooting
  • Various security enhancements


  • ACH Pay-in payload error
  • Escrow confirmation amount calculations
  • Withdrawal dialog calculations
  • Withdrawal page detail
  • Onboarding issue with storing country
  • Display of either IBAN or bank account

2024-02-15 Alpha Release

New Features:

  • Refactored payment processing backend
  • Slide-In details on Wallet transactions
  • Updated Direct Pay Overview
  • Updated Escrow Overview
  • Email for successful withdrawal